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Air Purifiers and Your Heath – Staying Safe with a Personal Air Purifier

Air Purifiers and Your Heath – Staying Safe with a Personal Air Purifier

Today’s Health Landscape

Now more than ever, families nationwide are motivated to be diligent about their health. They’re taking supplements, sleeping better, and exercising more than ever. These are all great things, but many forget the most important component of health and hygiene – the air we breathe. You can keep your immune system strong by paying attention to what you put in your body and what is around your body. Your environment affects you both positively and negatively; not only does it expose you to germs if it is negative, but with the ideal conditions it can positively support your ability to fight against harmful diseases.

Air Purifiers and Your Health

Air purifiers prevent you from getting sick by filtering out particulates in the air. This is done by emitting ions that deactivate germs to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. The best air purifiers can filter out and deactivate particles as small as viruses, effectively reducing their threat. Sanitized air decreases the spread of infectious diseases.

Protect Yourself from Pollutants

Along with diseases, there is also a host of other particles in the air, just waiting to pounce and make you ill. Environmental toxins are emitted into the air by household appliances, eating away at your immune system. Larger air pollutants have also been shown to deteriorate healthy immune responses, making you more at risk to contract diseases. Pollutants can also create inflammation in your lungs and other organs. Air purifiers support your immune system while removing pollutant particulates from the air.

Personal Air Purification

Protect yourself, purify the air around you with PurifyPal. PurifyPal is a personal air purifier that you wear around your neck. PurifyPal cleans the air by emitting 6 million negative ions per second. PurifyPal is the perfect gift for your loved ones, especially during these trying times. Add PurifyPal to your cart today!


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