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Improve Your Mood Naturally – What Are Negative Ions and How Do They Affect Mood?

Improve Your Mood Naturally – What Are Negative Ions and How Do They Affect Mood?

Right now, you are unknowingly surrounded by billions of particles. These particles are entering your body through the air that you breathe, and affecting many aspects of your health. These particles are called ions, and their titles can be a bit misleading. If you are surrounded by positive ions, you may feel run down, irritable, or even ill. If you surround yourself with negative ions, you will see improvements in your health, wellness, and mental state.


What Are Negative Ions Anyway?

Simply put, negative ions are electrically charged atoms or clusters of atoms. Negative ions are created by gaining one or more electrons. The number of protons in the atom stays the same, and the extra electrons gives the atom a negative charge. Negatively charged ions, also known scientifically as anions are proven to have incredible positive effects on your health, energy levels, and mood when you are exposed to them. Negative ions are negatively charged, which makes them attracted to unwanted particles in the air such as dust, bacteria, viruses, and a host of other allergens and pollutants.

How Do Negative Ions Affect My Mood?

Think of the times in your life when you felt the most relaxed and at peace. Maybe you were away on vacation in the mountains, escaping technology and the city for a long weekend. Maybe you were on a long hike, and you finally made it to that beautiful waterfall for a swim. Or, maybe you were sitting on a beach, listening to the ocean waves crash on the shore.

All of these places have one thing in common: Negative Ions. Negative ions are plentiful places with rapidly moving water, large concentrations of stones, or more generally, where the forces of nature are affecting the landscape.

Multiple peer reviewed, well respected journals have published studies on the positive effects of negative ions on mood; so when we sing the praises of negative ions, we are in good company! This study even states that negative ions can be used in place of medication for individuals who experience seasonal depression. Negative ions got rid of fatigue and feelings of sadness in patients participating in the study. Some patients in the study even stopped overeating and lost weight! Unlike medication, negative ions have no negative side effects.

Creating Your Own Negative Ions

It is no secret that daily life brings on stress. Between long hours at work, family obligations, and the 24 hour news cycle, it can sometimes feel like stress waiting for us at every turn. When times are tough, it can be difficult to focus on our health. The fact is, wellbeing and health does not have to use up tons of time and money. PurifyPal is here to help. PurifyPal is a personal air purifier, that you wear like a necklace. This powerful piece of jewelry purifies all of the air within 3 feet, protecting your eyes, nose, and mouth. PurifyPal emits over 6 million negative ions every single second! Take the first step toward improving your mood and try PurifyPal today!

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