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What Are Positive Ions – and How to Subvert Their Negative Effects

What Are Positive Ions – and How to Subvert Their Negative Effects

The air that you breathe in every hour of every day has an uncountable quantity of a component called ions. Ions are particles in the air that have a charge, either positive or negative. Some are negatively charged, called Negative Ions, and some ions are positively charged, called Positive Ions. When it comes to ions, a positive ion has negative effects, and a negative ion has positive effects.

What Are Positive Ions?

Everything on earth, all matter, is made of atoms. When atoms are hit by fast-moving particles, an electron may be torn off. These fast-moving particles can be emitted by radioactive materials. What is left, is an electrically charged atom or "ion," which has a positive charge. Most forms of pollution, toxic chemicals, pet dander, pollen, mold, and other harmful chemicals in the air carry a positive electrical charge, making them positive ions.

Where Can Positive Ions Be Found?

In nature, positive ions are commonly formed by strong winds, dust, humidity, and pollution. Positive ions are at the highest levels just before an electrical lightning storm. In general, any material that is toxic or has electromagnetic capabilities can generate harmful positive ions. In unnatural environments, office air conditioning systems, fluorescent lights, cell phones, televisions, computers, carpeting, microwaves, upholstery, paint, and air pollution are all positive ion emitters. Among the worst positive ion generators are copy machines and printers. These positive ion emitters make conventional office buildings one of the worst places to be when trying to avoid positive ions. Positive ions can build up indoors, where there is often a higher concentration of pet dander, mold, and cleaning products. Your exposure to positive ions can have many effects on your body. If you spend a lot of time indoors, whether at home, work, shopping malls, or elsewhere, you could have a positive ion build up inside of your body that is causing issues. If you're suffering from health problems, you may want to consider the purity of the air within your indoor environments.

How do Positive Ions Affect My Body?

If you sometimes feel depressed, anxious, or stressed for seemingly no reason at all, you might be suffering from what’s known as positive ion poisoning. Other potential negative health issues that can stem from absorbing a surplus of positive ions include high inflammation levels, mood swings, chronic pain, worsened allergies, overeating, and weight gain. When positive ions build up within your body, you may experience these negative health effects. You may find that you suffer from these health issues more often during the colder winter months because these positive ions are most often highly concentrated indoors.

How Can I Prevent Positive Ions from Affecting My Health?

When both negative and positive ions are in the air, negative ions bond with these contaminated positive ions, purifying the air. PurifyPal emits over 6 million negative ions every second. PurifyPal is a personal, wearable air purifier that cleans the air all around your head. PurifyPal protects you from the negative health effects of positive ions! Add PurifyPal to your cart today!

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